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Featured Artist: Cross Necklaces August 11, 2010

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Available in almost any chain length

Featured Artist: Cross Necklaces on Etsy!

Cross Necklaces on Etsy offers, as she says on her welcome page, tempered glass crosses wherein “all cross pendants and most of the chains are handmade and completely original.”

She shares a bit about herself, her store, and her love for the Lord.

Double chain, 17"

At the age of 49 I was a happily married stay at home mom of two school age boys. With the economy taking a dive I knew it was time to help with the family income. With no degree and only a Flight Attendant background I grimaced at my prospects. I’ve always tried to take God at His Word so I stood on Psalm 37:4,“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart,” and Deut. 8:18, “It is the Lord who gives you the power to create wealth.” Not long after praying these scriptures my husband and I were awakened by a powerful thunderstorm that ripped through our area destroying our tempered glass deck table in the process.

Double chain, 17"

That morning as I went out to our backyard to inspect the damage I was literally awestruck. The beauty of the morning sun shining so brightly through the rain drenched shattered glass that was strewn all over the yard was breath taking! It looked as if someone had dumped several million diamonds in our back yard. It was then that I felt His presence envelope me with that amazing thick, Weighty peace.  I sensed His still small voice speaking to me about how each fragment represented a broken soul on earth that He wanted to restore to perfect wholeness. I believed the piles, that to some may have been viewed as “trash,” He SO wanted to make  His jewels!

As I stood there in a rare moment of being totally tuned into His voice, (which I wished happened way more often!) the ideas came as to what to do with this glass. They were to be washed, (Baptized) painted, (New identity in Christ) and placed in His body (to glorify His cross) giving this glass that was broken, beauty, value, and purpose!

Chain adjusts easily from 17" to 24"

I have been making these and selling them for 2 years now out of my home. Just a few months ago I launched the website through etsy. All in all it has been a blessing incorporating all the elements I love to work with into one business. I meet so many other wonderful Christians in the process and am always amazed how God brings us together to network for His Great Commission.

Presently I have just begun working with 3 amazing ministries of who’s purpose is to minister the restoration power of Jesus Christ to broken women both young and old. Some have been rescued from the sex trade and I am hoping that they will actually be making these crosses in the near future!

Triple chain, 17"

The three ministries supported are:,, and

28" long chain


2 Responses to “Featured Artist: Cross Necklaces”

  1. Wow, what a great story. Is that not cool the way it hits you? Your crosses are beautiful and I wish you the best with the path that lay ahead for you, J9

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