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Featured Artist: Painted Easel August 25, 2010

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Featured Artist: Painted Easel on Etsy!

Painted Easel on Etsy offers original acrylic paintings on canvas, watercolor on paper, jewelry as well as some monoprints.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself. Hi! My name is Nikkie and I  am a high school art teacher by day and an artist by night. My husband and I live in Dallas, TX and have the most amazing community of friends and family. We are very blessed to be a part of an amazing church, which is also where we met!

2. What inspires you to create your work? I get a lot of inspiration from color…I love bright colors! Some days I am inspired by my students. Other days I’m inspired by a certain lesson I’m teaching. Sometimes just playing with paint and color mixing is enough for me to get inspired. I also love getting together with other creative friends and gleaning inspiration from them.

3. What is your favorite thing to make/sell? My passion is for painting in acrylics (I tried oil painting not too long ago and I didn’t quite have the patience to let it dry…5 days is a long time when you are used to 2 hours!). I also have found a love for making jewelry. It takes a different kind of creativity than 2-D work does, so that keeps me refreshed.

4. What is the best part about being a Christian seller? I believe that God has blessed me with a talent so that I can bless others. The best part for me is seeing the joy on the face of those receiving my handmade goods (who otherwise might not be able to afford it).

5. Why do you do what you do? I believe everyone should have access to great art. I don’t believe artwork has to be outrageously expensive, so I try to make paintings and jewelry that are the same great quality but at a reasonable price.

6. What are your hobbies? Gosh, I have so many! We have a large extended family, so I’ve been making my own birthday and holiday cards (to make it more personal and to help keep keep our budget low) and am making jewelry now as gifts for the ladies in my family also.  Besides getting crafty, I love watching movies with my husband or having a game night with friends.

7.  What is your favorite book/movie/music? One of my favorite movies is Shawshank Redemption. But I also love Footloose, Dirty Dancing, any romantic comedy, and Mystery Men (It has beautiful colors which makes it fun to watch). My husband says I have an eclectic taste in music. I’d have to agree.

8. What is one of your most well-loved Bible verses? I have many different favorite verses depending on the season of life I’m in, but one that I most consistently come back to is Matt 6:25-35. One of my struggles is worrying, so this passage is great for me. It’s also reoccurring in my life because Dallas is a very materialistic society and it’s easy to get caught up in it. With this passage in mind, it helps keep me grounded and focused on the Lord and heavenly reward instead of the things of this world.


2 Responses to “Featured Artist: Painted Easel”

  1. Love your work! Beautiful colors! Lovely designs!

    Blessings to you!

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