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Marble Pendant by Painted Easel: Product Review August 30, 2010

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Marble Pendant by Painted Easel

This gorgeous marble pendant is one of the many great jewelry items that Painted Easel on Etsy has available for purchase on her Etsy site. It is such a lovely and versatile piece!

The beads are translucent with some marbling so that they are interesting to look at without being distractingly attention-grabbing. The necklace is clearly put together with a great eye toward artistic arrangement and wearer usability, as the beads are arranged so that the colors complement one another and would look well with nearly any outfit.

The chain is a lovely silver link, the perfect length for display right underneath the dip between your collarbones, which again will work great with many different outfits. I absolutely love how it feels around my neck with the light weight of the beads and the sturdy-yet-pretty chain holding it in place!

Two different collections of beads hang on one circle at the end of the chain, as you can see from the photo, and they truly are gorgeous.

I love this necklace, and am excited to recommend to you both the necklace as well as working with Painted Easel, who has been extremely kind and gracious!

Marble Pendant by Painted Easel


One Response to “Marble Pendant by Painted Easel: Product Review”

  1. Very pretty pendant. Painted eisel has Lovely and unique art! The jewelry is pretty too. I like this one:

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