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Luvn Crafts Giveaway – CLOSED September 11, 2010

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Enter to win a free cell phone clutch from Luvn Crafts!

Cell Phone Clutch by Luvn Crafts

This adorable phone clutch is 2 3/4 by 4 3/4″. It has a ribbon running through it, and a cute heart on the outside. It was reviewed earlier this week, if you would like more information about how charming it is!

To enter, simply post a comment* in response to this posting indicating that you’d like to enter the drawing.

To earn multiple entries:

For three entries: Subscribe to this blog, or link to this blog on your blog, Facebook, or other networking site. Let me know that you’ve subscribed or where you’ve linked to in the comments thread.*

For five entries: Look through the products offered by Luvn Crafts, and comment* in response to this posting about your top two favorite items.

For seven entries: Link to Luvn Crafts on your blog, Facebook, or other networking site. Let me know where you’ve linked to in the comments thread.*

*If you’d rather not make public comments, you can email me the same information at zosai.organics at

The drawing will take place and the winner will be announced on Friday, September 17!

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10 Responses to “Luvn Crafts Giveaway – CLOSED”

  1. Please enter my name as that is an adorable clutch that my daughter would love for her non activated phone. She’s only 8 and likes to listen to the ringtones or use it as a camera/video. Call me crazy, but I refuse to get her the real deal until she is old enough to get a job and make partial payment. Old fashioned I guess-maybe if the phones were still suitcase size all the kids would not be sporting them. God Bless and Keep them safe. RockinJ9

  2. sue anderson Says:

    Adorable cell phone clutch. I don’t have a cell phone but know lots who do.

  3. Thank you all for dropping by!! I look forward to seeing who wins the give-away!! Post your favorite item from my shops here for extra entries!!

  4. Anita Says:

    What a lovely giveaway! Christie makes beautiful things…I’ve admired many of her phone cases in the past! Thanks for this awesome opportunity to win one!

  5. Really nice shop and cute phone clutch.

  6. I want it! So cute! I could totally collect phone clutches 🙂

  7. Melissa Smith Says:

    Aww how adorable. My cell phone needs some clothes! It catches it in my purse with all my junk

  8. Thank you all for entering, and for the kind comments!! Can’t wait to see who wins! Love you all!

  9. Alejandra Says:

    Hi, I want to win it, it looks adorable!

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