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Featured Artist: Beach Baby Doll September 19, 2010

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Featured Artist: Beach Baby Doll

Beach Baby Doll offers quality handmade doll clothes and sock monkeys.

She shares a bit about herself, her shop, and her love for the Lord.

My name is Sylvia. I’ve been a Christian a very long time.  That doesn’t mean I’m good or that I even think I’m good. I have begun over the years, however, to truly know what Immanuel means. God is definitely with me in the ups and downs. I believe the Creator is just that, the source of all creation.  Any little creativity I have comes from His authorship. I try to remember that in my work.  After I retired, a year ago from nursing; I wanted to use my desire to sew and the need to use up my fabric stash before the Lord calls me Home, for something that would be in His plan and will. He graciously gave me that opportunity last spring when I started Beach Baby Doll.  I just adore making doll clothes, and stuffed animals and rag dolls. You could say I am definitely in my second childhood. I really like to sew even when it’s tricky or I goof up. There was a children’s ministry in the Dominican Republic that needed some extra money at the time.  I had been sewing for them, making hospital gowns for orphans in their care. So I began making doll clothes to fit American Girl Dolls to sell to raise money for them. A friend asked me to make a sock monkey and begrudgingly, I agreed, because she was such a nice Christian lady. To my surprise,  I really loved making that monkey and made a bunch more which I have been able to sell. I’ve made some cute outfits for American Girl with Christian themes, like T shirts that are embroidered with “Jesus heart me” (using an embroidered heart) and “Happy Birthday Jesus”. Then I decided to branch out from etsy and make my own web page.  I’m blessed that when I get stuck, my husband can help me. So that’s the dawn of  But it doesn’t stop there.  I knew the Lord was telling me to make this a site to encourage young girls in faith in Him so, I have included in my web site links to Bible Stories and coloring pages; I have written stories about my dolls through which I hope to teach Christian principles and I am beginning to write tips on doll care and coming soon on purchase of the 18 in dolls. Not everyone can afford an American Girl doll so I plan to review the different brands.  My current project is to raise money to send some children from our church to church camp next summer. My favorite book is the Bible. I enjoy being a group leader for Bible Study Fellowship International in Daytona. I have to use it a lot to remind me that unless the Lord does something, it’s useless. I can get carried away in the mechanics of the doll clothes business if I don’t stay grounded in  the Word.  My favorite scriptures are many, but I will say first place is Psalm 23 which my grandmother taught me and my twin, before we were 5, at the foot of a “twin” beech tree that was near our home. “The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.”


6 Responses to “Featured Artist: Beach Baby Doll”

  1. I love th Happy Birthday Jesus outfit. I had Sylvia make one for a gift. It’s on the doll, waiting patiently for Christmas.

    Thanks for her feature!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading about how you started your shop and how you continue to add to your ministry!

    I used to live in Ormond Beach! The beaches are so beautiful – God’s wonderful creation is so evident there!

    Many blessings to you,

  3. You make usch cutre doll clothes Sylvia! Great to learn a little more about you!!
    Christie (luvncrafts)

  4. You make such cute doll clothes Sylvia! Great to learn a little more about you!! (excuse the typos in the first post. LOL)
    Christie (luvncrafts)

  5. Great interview! Sylvia makes some adorable items, and she’s a wonderful member of CAPS team.

  6. Thanks, everyone, I wish you all a very blessed Christmas!

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