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Trust in the Lord Women’s Tee by ShepherdLamb: Product Review October 5, 2010

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Trust in the Lord Women's Tee

This adorable women’s tee is available at ShepherdLamb, and it is an incredibly soft, comfortable, and cute shirt!

The shirt conveys a timeless message, “Trust in the Lord”, with a shepherd reaching down to save a falling sheep. The artwork is hand-drawn by ShepherdLamb’s owner, and it is simple yet detailed, and definitely cute.

The shirt itself is extremely soft, with a good shape that is neither clingy nor boxy. The fit is comfortable and stylish.

I love this shirt, and I am excited to recommend to you this shirt along with ShepherdLamb’s shop, as he has many great designs and is wonderful to work with!


2 Responses to “Trust in the Lord Women’s Tee by ShepherdLamb: Product Review”

  1. Alejandra Says:

    What a great illustration of our Sheppard

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