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Long Cluster Necklace by Painted Easel: Product Review October 12, 2010

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Long Cluster Necklace by Painted Easel

As one of the many beautiful necklaces in Painted Easel’s Etsy Store, this lovely Long Cluster Necklace is beautiful, versatile, and charming.

The beads themselves are gorgeously arranged into clusters. Some of the beads are translucent with a bit of a marble to them, and some are lovely light solid colors that complement one another beautifully. The beads are a variety of shapes, with some small circles, slightly larger circular beads, and tear-drop shaped beads, which provide a perfect combination of sweet and charming clusters.

The chain is a dainty silver link that hangs at a fashionable length that would look well on any occasion I can think of. The pale colors on the beads add to the necklace’s versatility, and the necklace adds beauty and delight to many outfits!

The necklace is clearly artistically arranged with a great deal of thought for usability and durability, as well as charm and beauty.

This necklace is absolutely sweet and charming, and I am excited to recommend it to you along with working with Painted Easel, who provides friendly, quick, and wonderful service!

Long Cluster Necklace by Painted Easel


2 Responses to “Long Cluster Necklace by Painted Easel: Product Review”

  1. Nikkie Says:

    What a sweet review. Thank you!

  2. Very lovely necklace!!

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