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Bookmark and Bracelets by AlejandraCC: Product Review October 18, 2010

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Philippians 4:13 Bookmark by AlejandraCC

AlejandraCC on Etsy’s jewelry and bookmarks are absolutely adorable, with a great message and wonderful craftsmanship.

The first thing that I noticed after receiving these items in the mail was their packaging: They arrived in a sturdy packaging box, and on the inside they were wrapped in tissue paper and mailed in a cute little paper jewelry box. Along with this great presentation, I was delighted to find the lovely items themselves.

The Philippians 4:13 Bookmark is made of a lightweight canvas fabric that is very soft, and the rose at the top is beautifully painted. It is the perfect accessory to many books and the verse and the flower go very well together. It is beautiful and useful, and a truly lovely item.

Philippians Bracelet by AlejandraCC

The Philippians bracelet by AlejandraCC is another great item from her store. It is made of canvas as well, and it is a wonderful addition to many outfits. It is a cute and casual bracelet that is well constructed. It is well-designed with an easy clasp and cute beads at the clasp as well.

Salvation Bracelet by AlejandraCC

The salvation bracelet by AlejandraCC is also a great item. The bracelet has a leather cord with glass and crystal beads. It is a versatile addition to your wardrobe with a wonderful message.

The bead colors hold significance as a “Salvation Bracelet.” As described on her Etsy site,

“The black represent our sin, we are sinners.
The red represent the blood of Jesus, He gave his life for us.
The blue represent the waters of baptism, our testimony, our repentance.
The white represent that now we are pure because of the holy spirit.
The green represent eternal life.
The yellow represent heavens, the gold city described in revelations.”

She also included a salvation bookmark with several salvation verses that is a beautiful and helpful addition to any collection of Bible verse memorizations.

AlejandraCC’s items are lovely and well-designed, and I am excited to recommend these items, along with AlejandraCC’s shop, as she is quick, kind, and thorough, with great products with a Christian message.


3 Responses to “Bookmark and Bracelets by AlejandraCC: Product Review”

  1. Lovely items, Alejandra!


  2. I think the flower bookmark is adorable! The cross-stitched bracelet is nifty.

  3. Very nice bookmark and bracelets!

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