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Christian Card by Paperie Blooms: Product Review October 28, 2010

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Christian Card by Paperie Blooms on Etsy

The cards by Paperie Booms on Etsy are well-constructed, beautiful, and have an absolutely wonderful message.

The card arrived well-packaged in perfect condition, and quickly.

The card is well constructed, with an artistic and lovely composition. She clearly chooses to use a composition that complements the verse or quote that is used on the card, and she succeeds greatly at this.

The card is beautifully made with unique and clever items added, so that it is not a typical card front. The card that I received has a button, string, and paper sewed together, all on the front of the card, making it an eye-catching work of art as well as a functional card to send to a friend. I would love to frame my card and display it as well, as it is truly beautiful.

These cards have been thoughtfully arranged, from the verse or quote chosen to the font to the arrangement to the beautiful collection of items chosen to add a 3-D quality to the front of the card, making them lovely and creative. I am excited to recommend these cards, as well as PaperieBlooms, as she has been kind and considerate to work with!


4 Responses to “Christian Card by Paperie Blooms: Product Review”

  1. Such a beautiful card!! Great work!

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