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Christian Card by Paperie Blooms: Product Review October 28, 2010

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Christian Card by Paperie Blooms on Etsy

The cards by Paperie Booms on Etsy are well-constructed, beautiful, and have an absolutely wonderful message.

The card arrived well-packaged in perfect condition, and quickly.

The card is well constructed, with an artistic and lovely composition. She clearly chooses to use a composition that complements the verse or quote that is used on the card, and she succeeds greatly at this.

The card is beautifully made with unique and clever items added, so that it is not a typical card front. The card that I received has a button, string, and paper sewed together, all on the front of the card, making it an eye-catching work of art as well as a functional card to send to a friend. I would love to frame my card and display it as well, as it is truly beautiful.

These cards have been thoughtfully arranged, from the verse or quote chosen to the font to the arrangement to the beautiful collection of items chosen to add a 3-D quality to the front of the card, making them lovely and creative. I am excited to recommend these cards, as well as PaperieBlooms, as she has been kind and considerate to work with!


Bookmark and Bracelets by AlejandraCC: Product Review October 18, 2010

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Philippians 4:13 Bookmark by AlejandraCC

AlejandraCC on Etsy’s jewelry and bookmarks are absolutely adorable, with a great message and wonderful craftsmanship.

The first thing that I noticed after receiving these items in the mail was their packaging: They arrived in a sturdy packaging box, and on the inside they were wrapped in tissue paper and mailed in a cute little paper jewelry box. Along with this great presentation, I was delighted to find the lovely items themselves.

The Philippians 4:13 Bookmark is made of a lightweight canvas fabric that is very soft, and the rose at the top is beautifully painted. It is the perfect accessory to many books and the verse and the flower go very well together. It is beautiful and useful, and a truly lovely item.

Philippians Bracelet by AlejandraCC

The Philippians bracelet by AlejandraCC is another great item from her store. It is made of canvas as well, and it is a wonderful addition to many outfits. It is a cute and casual bracelet that is well constructed. It is well-designed with an easy clasp and cute beads at the clasp as well.

Salvation Bracelet by AlejandraCC

The salvation bracelet by AlejandraCC is also a great item. The bracelet has a leather cord with glass and crystal beads. It is a versatile addition to your wardrobe with a wonderful message.

The bead colors hold significance as a “Salvation Bracelet.” As described on her Etsy site,

“The black represent our sin, we are sinners.
The red represent the blood of Jesus, He gave his life for us.
The blue represent the waters of baptism, our testimony, our repentance.
The white represent that now we are pure because of the holy spirit.
The green represent eternal life.
The yellow represent heavens, the gold city described in revelations.”

She also included a salvation bookmark with several salvation verses that is a beautiful and helpful addition to any collection of Bible verse memorizations.

AlejandraCC’s items are lovely and well-designed, and I am excited to recommend these items, along with AlejandraCC’s shop, as she is quick, kind, and thorough, with great products with a Christian message.


Long Cluster Necklace by Painted Easel: Product Review October 12, 2010

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Long Cluster Necklace by Painted Easel

As one of the many beautiful necklaces in Painted Easel’s Etsy Store, this lovely Long Cluster Necklace is beautiful, versatile, and charming.

The beads themselves are gorgeously arranged into clusters. Some of the beads are translucent with a bit of a marble to them, and some are lovely light solid colors that complement one another beautifully. The beads are a variety of shapes, with some small circles, slightly larger circular beads, and tear-drop shaped beads, which provide a perfect combination of sweet and charming clusters.

The chain is a dainty silver link that hangs at a fashionable length that would look well on any occasion I can think of. The pale colors on the beads add to the necklace’s versatility, and the necklace adds beauty and delight to many outfits!

The necklace is clearly artistically arranged with a great deal of thought for usability and durability, as well as charm and beauty.

This necklace is absolutely sweet and charming, and I am excited to recommend it to you along with working with Painted Easel, who provides friendly, quick, and wonderful service!

Long Cluster Necklace by Painted Easel


Trust in the Lord Women’s Tee by ShepherdLamb: Product Review October 5, 2010

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Trust in the Lord Women's Tee

This adorable women’s tee is available at ShepherdLamb, and it is an incredibly soft, comfortable, and cute shirt!

The shirt conveys a timeless message, “Trust in the Lord”, with a shepherd reaching down to save a falling sheep. The artwork is hand-drawn by ShepherdLamb’s owner, and it is simple yet detailed, and definitely cute.

The shirt itself is extremely soft, with a good shape that is neither clingy nor boxy. The fit is comfortable and stylish.

I love this shirt, and I am excited to recommend to you this shirt along with ShepherdLamb’s shop, as he has many great designs and is wonderful to work with!


Circles Watercolor by Painted Easel September 29, 2010

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Circles Watercolor by Painted Easel

This gorgeous watercolor on paper is one of the many beautiful art pieces offered by Painted Easel on Etsy. It is charming and delightful.

Its composition is delicately balanced between the bright and bold circles and the muted background. The warm and cool colors in the circles create a unique and eye-catching design. The beautiful pinks, blues, greens, and purples create a colorful and joyful piece that would be a fun addition to any collection.

Its size is ideal for display, as it is 5×7, and it would add to any decor. The paper is high-quality and heavy-weight, and the cold-press paper lends a subtle yet interesting texture. It has a border edge that would allow for easy framing and display.

The watercolor is elegant and whimsical, with a charming liveliness in the geometric composition. I am excited to recommend both it and Painted Easel to you, as she provides a speedy, kind, and pleasant experience.


Black Wood Link Necklace by Painted Easel: Product Review September 14, 2010

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Black Wood Link Necklace by Painted Easel

One of the many lovely jewelry items available on Painted Easel’s Etsy Site, this black wood link necklace is simple, yet elegant and gorgeous all at the same time!

The wood discs and circles have a soft and interesting texture, so that you might find it hard to resist rubbing them several times throughout the day as you are wearing the necklace! The arrangement of the necklace is such that it can be worn with a variety of outfits and look classy or dressed down, depending on the occasion.

The length of the necklace is ideal for its type – it hangs just below the dip in your collarbones on a sweet silver link chain, with a clasp that is easy to manage. These things together create a necklace that is beautiful, well-constructed, and thoughtfully designed.

The necklace is comfortable around your neck and lovely to behold, making it unique and fun to wear!

I absolutely love this necklace, and I am excited to recommend to you this beautiful piece, as well Painted Easel’s shop, as she is quick, kind and wonderful to work with!

Black Wood Link Necklace by Painted Easel


Cell Phone Clutch by Luvn Crafts: Product Review September 6, 2010

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Cell Phone Clutch by Luvn Crafts

This adorable cell phone clutch by Luvn Crafts is one of the many crocheted items that she offers for sale in her Artfire and Winkelf shops.

It measures 2 3/4″ by 4 3/4″, with a color-coordinating ribbon running through it. It is cute, soft, and the perfect accessory for your cell phone!

I was impressed immediately by the packaging – this clutch arrived wrapped in adorable paper and then placed in a well-padded envelope. Adding to my delight when I opened it was the impressively soft yarn that was used!

The clutch has a cute maroon heart button that keeps your cell phone securely in place. My own phone fit perfectly inside the pouch, indicating the thoughtfulness that went into the craftsmanship of the clutch. The handle carrier is conveniently sized as well.

The color is lovely and difficult to capture on camera. It’s a pretty dusky rose, and the coordinating ribbons and button are perfect complements to it. It is well-made and will keep your phone safe and adorably secure for a long time to come.

Later this week, Luv’n Crafts will be featured and will also give away a cell phone clutch to a lucky winner, so be sure to come back or sign up on the right to be notified about upcoming giveaways!